Kit grew up in New Zealand and was introduced to the ocean and boating at a very early age. Boating was a huge part of his life and by age eight he was determined that he would design boats one day. He made the decision early on to begin this dream by learning how to build boats, and spent his holidays working for local boat yards for free to gain experience.

Kit’s career began as an apprentice boat builder in 1996 and by 2002 he was fully qualified in composite and wooden boatbuilding. Now experienced in all facets of the trade, he quickly moved into a senior position and subsequently to a project management position, managing refit work and high-tech composite construction of various vessels. He moved into a production manager’s position in the United Kingdom managing the set-up and running of a 5 axis facility. During this time he began training in 3D design, eventually making the decision to realise his childhood dream of becoming a Yacht Designer.

The next international move led Kit to the position of sole interior designer at Mustang Marine in Australia. This role covered all aspects of development of Mustangs new range of production boats set for the European Market, and encompassed the creation of new concepts through to detailed design, and overseeing that the design intent and quality was carried through to the finished article.

Kit was then employed by world renowned Super yacht builder Alloy Yachts as an interior designer where he rapidly made his way to lead designer working on vessels such as Kokomo, Vertigo, Loretta Anne, Encore and Mondango. Driven by an insatiable need to create his own designs, he founded Odyssey Yacht Design Studio with a former colleague from Mustang Marine where they developed vessels from custom limousine tenders, production yachts to high speed military craft, and interior and exterior superyacht styling.

In early 2014 Kit made the decision to go out on his own and founded Kit Carlier Design, a brand that encompasses his absolute commitment to detail and vision. Kit prides himself in his ability to create concepts and visualize technically how they will need to be developed to become a successful product. He draws from his vast experience during 20 years in the marine industry and is always looking for new opportunities to leave his mark.