S/Y Encore

S/Y Encore

From the very first meeting with the owner’s team, there was a special connection that developed with the clients.
This translated into a clear and precise brief from the Owner with the interior key words being a modern update on a classic Ralph Lauren inspired gentleman’s yacht club.

With a very clear vision in mind, the first step was to review the general arrangement from both an interior styling aspect and for ergonomics and functionality. For us personally this is critical, as we believe that good interior design needs to be not only fit for purpose, but also the styling needs to be reflected in the 2d layout / plan as much as it is in the finished applied materials.

In direct consultation with the owners, several key areas were redesigned during this phase such as the owner’s cabin where stair lines & bulkheads were straightened up, deckheads were levelled, hanging lockers reconfigured and the seating and writing desks switched to maximise space and to enhance the modern styling. The desk was changed to a cantilevered design so that when in use the owner was positioned centrally on the port lights, and the desk chair could be stowed cleanly for clear unimpeded access through to the Ensuite. These design changes are fundamental in providing a foundation that let the modern styling shine through.

It was very important to the owner’s that all of the styling and materials throughout both the interior and exterior of the yacht were considered in unison. Every detail from the textiles to the stone selection, hardware & plumbing fixtures, carpets & lighting were looked at cohesively. This phase was driven strongly by the owners and we consider our role here was really only to guide and assist with the overall selections and translate them back into the final design. Especially given that the owner had such an amazing innate ability and intuitive response to selecting the materials that they loved, so it really was a true collaboration between us.

Working closely with Guillermo Martinez at Ralph Lauren in New York, all of the furniture and mirrors throughout the Ensuites were customised especially to suit the proportions of the yachts interior. Again, special attention was paid to the small details right down to the nail head trims and the finishing of the furniture legs.

In addition, a number of small details and key elements were designed especially for the owners such as the leather wrapped handrails with the stainless steel capping details & stanchions, which were designed to complement the Ralph Lauren wall sconces. The leather that features on these handrails and throughout the interior on headboards & writing desks was also especially created for the project. The framed and upholstered wall panels above the headboards were another key element that unifies the styling and selected materials whilst creating a backdrop to enhance the owner’s exquisite nautical themed artwork.
Once all of the styling details and material selection where finalised, we prepared a final computer generated rendering / visualisation which was then sent to the owners as a kind of sneak peek preview of what the finished result would be.

This was truly a collaborative project, and it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside the owners, who were instrumental in bringing their vision for the yacht and interior to reality.


left-quoteA couple of great minds to become an interior force to be reckoned with !!!

Jono Wishart – Captain of SY Encoreright-quote

Photos by – Chris Lewis Photography