‘Chimera’ 14.5 meter superyacht limousine

‘Chimera’ 14.5 meter superyacht limousine

Chimera is our latest concept.  A limousine inspired by the gentleman’s racers of the 1920s and 30s. The 14.5 metre limousine is an effortless blend of classic design elements and contemporary styling wrapped around an extremely modern propulsion and electronics package.

Passengers are safely tucked away in its palatial private interior while being chauffeured from a port helm station positioned forward; a styling cue taken from a bygone era when chauffeurs drove sans-roof with passengers cocooned in the rear.

“We wanted to create something that was pure, uncompromised luxury; something that harked back to times when design represented luxury and glamour, but all this to be wrapped around a state of the art propulsion and vessel management system,”

The clean styling of the interior is luxurious without being ostentatious, giving the opulence expected of a limousine.  Entertainment, lighting and access to wireless communication and Bluetooth are available throughout the limo via touch screens located from the helm to the main cabin, and also via the vessel’s own app which allows smart devices to access the vessel’s facilities without passengers having to leave the comfort of their own seat.

The forward internal landing allows access to a generous luggage space which in different configurations could contain a day-head, and provides access to the helm and forward boarding points.

There are a range of variations available to fit individual client requirements, including a layout accommodating 12 passengers.

Chimera was designed to offer the three key propulsion options available, from the conventional common rail turbo diesel engines, to a diesel/electric hybrid, and with the investigation of a fully electric package underway.

Weight is kept to a minimum by the use of modern construction methods and use of high-tech composite materials, a design insight gained by Carlier’s years of experience in the superyacht and boat-building industry.